December 2013

BackupBuddy vs BackWPup

WordPress Backup Plugins: BackupBuddy vs BackWPup

Getting started with WordPress is never easy. There is a lot to learn and a lot of potential to royally mess up your website. That is why one of the first things you should do is have a WordPress backup regularly on your website. Once you continue using WordPress you will find new reasons to love your back up plugin. These can be used for lots of different purposes, like taking created content and moving it to a live website or transferring content to another website. The two most common plugins to use in WordPress are BackupBuddy from iThemes and …

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WordPress backup with BackWPup

Make a WordPress backup with BackWPup

Some people are looking to manage a website on a limited budget, so finding decent free WordPress plugins is always good. One such plugin is BackWPup from MarketPress. While there is a premium version of the plugin that gives you other features like multisite support, even the free version is pretty fully featured for your WordPress website. Here is how to make a WordPress backup using the free backup plugin BackWPup.

How to backup wordpress

How to make a WordPress backup and migrate with BackUpBuddy

A long time ago, our team compared two of the most popular plugins available for creating WordPress backups, BackupBuddy and BackWPup. While we decided they were both great plugins, we never truly taught people how to make a WordPress backup using BackupBuddy or BackWPup. We start here, with a look at how to create a WordPress backup on BackupBuddy and how and why to migrate the data to another website.

Flat Design

Flat design is becoming flat (editorial)

From the moment Windows 8 and Apple’s new iOS 7 launched to the marketplace, the buzzword in web and tech design has been “flat.” Fast forward to today, and even WordPress is utilizing flat design with the WordPress 3.8 dashboard UI and the newly released default theme, Twenty Fourteen. What is flat design?

Front-end editing for WordPress

Front-end editing in WordPress is picking up a lot of steam lately. The recent release of 3.8 brought us a fresh new admin interface and in my opinion, a better blogging experience. With all the new UI goodies, it has folks like me craving for more. Recent blogging competitors like Ghost and Medium, embrace a simple publishing interface. How can we take our WordPress blogging experience to the next level and leave all that technical clutter behind the scenes? Let’s dig into some front-end editing plugins.

WordPress 3.8 What's New

PressThis looks at What’s New with WordPress 3.8

It feels like WordPress 3.7 just arrived, but here is WordPress 3.8 to make new waves across the WordPress community. We should look forward to seeing more frequent changes to WordPress, albeit smaller updates to compete with the increasingly saturated CMS market. Find out about some of the changes that have been made since the first release candidate was launch a couple weeks ago.

WordPress 3.8 release in 6,287 words

Yesterday marked the release of WordPress 3.8 as told by at least 9 blogs in my Feedly account. If you’re looking to play catch up with the news, I’ve gathered them here for you. Grab your favorite cup of java and load up on the release of WordPress 3.8 as told in 6,287 words. Enjoy! WordPress 3.8 “Parker” Straight from the horses mouth — Here’s the official take on the release. WordPress 3.8 compatibility in WooCommerce Woo’s reminding us about compatibility with their plugin WooCommerce. Meet WordPress 3.8, Parker Brian Krogsgard tells his tale of our …

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Clean and Lightweight Design

The Value in a Clean and Lightweight Website

We have been developing websites for years with the mentality that a landing page should be effective. Developers and designers put together complicated systems to add “value” to a website. But when that website was created to get somebody to find your product or to get somebody to perform one action, what is the point in adding garbage? Few websites are about more than one thing. I could have ads, blog posts, videos, forums, etc. But my website is still only about selling X product or informing a target market about Y service. Clean design allows for a “kitchen sink” …

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4 Ways to add color to your website

Changing the color of a Premium WordPress theme is easy; finding the inspiration is tricky. We pack our collection of themes with ten color choices, but what if we didn’t get that shade of blue you were looking for quite right? Perhaps your client needs to match a brand scheme that wasn’t included. Fear not. Here’s a list of great resources for gathering colors to include in your next custom website launch!