Easy Support Videos

Easily add training tutorials, screencasts, or other helpful videos into the WordPress admin dashboard with Easy Support videos.

If you're a WordPress designer, developer, or consultant -- and you're looking for a way to provide your customer with a video tutorial in the dashboard -- look no further than Easy Support Videos.



$0 Free download
  • Create one tab of videos
  • Embed any oEmbed source video
  • Easy to install plugin
  • User role restrictions


$29 Annual
  • Install on UNLIMITED domains
  • Create more video pages
  • White label features
  • Drag-n-drop sorting of videos
  • Change admin menu placement

Video: Free vs Pro features


  • Great plugin for WordPress trainers, educators, and support people
  • Fast & lightweight
  • Embed videos in the Admin screen with ease
  • Control which role's can see or edit videos
  • Leave a custom note or message on the video page
  • Embed videos from any oEmbed source

Pro Features

  • Re-order video list
  • Create multiple video pages
  • White-label admin links
  • Remove rating slug
  • Change admin link placement

Here's how it works:

  1. Download the plugin here.
  2. Install and activate.
  3. Browse to Support Videos in the admin menu.
  4. Copy/paste an oEmbed support video, into the add video field.
  5. Press ENTER or click "Add video."
  6. Done!

From here you can build a library of support videos that you create, or that you find around the internet. Easy Support videos was built to be super fast, and super easy, for you to use with clients.

Options for Easy Support Videos

Options for Easy Support Videos

You can even set who can see the videos and who can edit videos. Go to the options page and set the WordPress user roles for editing, adding, and viewing the videos you embed into the Easy Support Videos page.

There's even an editable sidebar to leave notes for your customer!

Click on the sidebar inside of the Easy Support Videos options page, and simply start typing your message. This is useful if you need to leave notes for your customer on how to contact you, or how they should be watching the videos you've put into their library.

Easily add videos to the admin

Easily add videos to the admin

Easy Support Videos will save you time from all of of the support e-mails, and allow you to give the answers right into WordPress admin dashboard through the power of videos!

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