Creating good content for your Business – Ultimate Guide for the Business Website

Creating Blog Content on WordPress

Now that you have a beautiful website built with a beautiful landing page ready to convert, it is time to get people on the site.

If nobody is running to your website for advice or for the solution your selling, there is no reason to have the website in the first place. Find out how to structure content for your business so people will find you on a Google search.

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Building a Custom Front Page in WordPress – Ultimate Guide for the Business Website

Create Custom Landing Page WordPress

A study by SEO firm HubSpot shows that 55% of all visitors to a website spend less than fifteen seconds on said site before navigating somewhere else. Blame it on the instant gratification of modern society or the availability of so much information.

It doesn’t matter what causes this, what matters is optimizing your website under the condition that you have fifteen seconds to pitch your brand to most visitors.

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WordPress 4.0 is being released. Should you be afraid?

What's New WordPress 4.0

WordPress 4.0 is coming out more quickly than you might think. At the time of this posting, it might even be coming as soon as next week! Certainly something as major as 4.0 should be a big deal, right?

Before you go running and screaming to you and your client’s websites, you should check out what is new with the most current update. We have been testing this new version of WordPress vigorously on test servers and have the rundown.

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How to Embed Video in WordPress

How to Embed Video WordPress

The power of video cannot be denied. It is the most powerful form of content on the market as it can tell the whole picture. You have to see it to believe it, and uploading video to services like YouTube and Vimeo can help with this process. But what if you have those videos on a popular service already and want to embed video in WordPress?

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How to Add a License Key to your Pro Theme


For all of our pro themes, we have added license keys to make the process of upgrading and getting support easier for both our customers and our team. THis resource will explain how you can view, retrieve, and use your license key(s) on Slocum Themes.

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What you get with Minimize Pro


For a simple theme that is clean, responsive, and ready for intense customization, look no further than our Minimize Pro theme. Find out what you get for upgrading from Minimize Free to Minimize Pro below.

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What you get with Epic Pro


If you were looking for a theme as big as the ideas you have for your website, then the wait is over. Epic is a theme that features a bold title, even bolder colors, and centered content that looks good on any device. Find out all that you get when you upgrade to our pro theme!

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