Google Authorship is the Devil – SEO Lunch

Google Authorship Changes

In celebration of the 66th episode of our SEO Lunch series, the team at Slocum Themes decided it was time to make a blog post about the negative changes to Google Authorship, what to do to optimize your content creation in it’s wake, and simply what Google Authorship is!

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How to Optimize Images on WordPress

How to Optimize Images WordPress

Ever used an SEO tool to track and see how you can improve your website? A commonly requested fix on many of these engines is to “optimize images” for the web. The team at Slocum Themes uses a few different tools to optimizes images on WordPress. Read below to find out what technology to use to optimize images before, during, and after a WordPress upload.

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What you get with Capture Pro

features capture pro wordpress

Our Capture WordPress photography theme has been featured on WordPress.

Many people have been asking us for the definitive list of what our Capture theme offers to the paying customer. The list is pretty expansive, so take a seat, grab your camera, and take a look at the list of features included in the pro version of Capture.

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How to Sell Photos Online with WordPress

Sell Photos Online WordPress and WooCommerce

There are a lot of seasoned photographers who have not had their worked “exposed” (see what I did there?) on the Internet.

It is daunting to enter a world where you can sell photos to literally anyone at any time of the day. There are a lot of questions, but few answers and sending photos to those you can’t see is different as well.

This resource goes over how to take the Capture WordPress theme and set up a payment platform that taps into PayPal or Stripe to sell work to the masses.

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How to Add Social Media Buttons to a WordPress Website

Add Social Media Buttons to WordPress

A DOT COM is one piece of a brand’s puzzle. Add social media buttons to that website, and you have personalized the experience for the customer.

Most websites have links to their various social media channels in the header, footer, or sidebar so that it is always easy for users to check out their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube channel, and more.

If you are setting out on your first journey with a WordPress website and looking to add Social Media buttons, below is a great free plugin to add social media buttons to a website. Additionally, we also show you an easier and more integrated way to put social media buttons on your site.

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How to add a WordPress Newsletter using Gravity Forms

Make a WordPress newsletter with Gravity Forms

Digital marketers will often speak to the power of a good email campaign.

After all, PR is becoming a much greater focus on the modern market than traditional advertising.

When was the last time you saw an effective banner ad??

Getting personal and reinforcing the power and benefits of the brand on a personal level are achieved through reaching out to an audience. Simply telling you a product is good on the television will not do much good.

This article will show you how to go about adding an subscribe newsletter call to action on your website, gravity forms integration, how to tie it to an existing subscription account, and how to easily style any of our themes to make the subscribe box look like YOUR site.

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Guide to Translation-Ready WordPress Themes

Translation-Ready WordPress Themes

You have probably seen the verbage on our themes site. “Our themes are Translation-Ready.”

Unfortunately, while we are web code wizards with the baddest WordPress themes on the market, we are not multilingual. Our WordPress themes are in English. For every other language, you will need to generate a file to change the language for the theme elements of the site.

You are still welcome to enter blog posts and content in your native tongue, but read along to find out exactly what it means when a WordPress theme is “Translation-Ready.”

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Optimize WordPress SEO for Google Panda 4.0

WordPress Google Panda 4.0

I swear. Every time a new Google update comes out, it is like the zombie apocalypse. Only this one’s a silent killer.

Business owners and bloggers freak about the changes and how their website could have been compromised. It is very true that Google changes quite often. But fear not. If you are a business owner or blogger looking to optimize your WordPress SEO in the face of Google Panda 4.0.

The first question you should ask is…

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How to Use WordPress SEO by Yoast

How to Use WordPress SEO by Yoast

Looking to optimize SEO on WordPress? Chances are good that you have embraced the popular and free WordPress plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast. This plugin has been downloaded over 10,000,000 times (you read that correctly) in the WordPress repository alone and is fairly easy to use.

This tutorial will go over how to use the plugin, WordPress SEO by Yoast to optimize keywords and SEO on your website.

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How to Enable and Use WordPress Pagination

How to Use WordPress Pagination

This method of breaking up a long form article into many smaller articles is called “Pagination”.

If you are a web-savvy marketer or even a small business owner looking for social media pointers, you have undoubtedly seen the wave of highly shareable articles that were written on websites like BuzzFeed, Cracked, the Huffington Post, and more. These articles, while definitely fun, are also written in a specific way. Rather than write long and boring articles with tons of content, the authors of these posts have split up “The Top X Widgets” articles into smaller chunks of content.

The benefit of this method is the user never feels tired while reading your post, since they are digesting smaller bits of information.

Find out how to implement pagination on your WordPress website.

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