Themes with WooCommerce Support

Our Themes Now Have WooCommerce Support!

We always strive to provide the best quality themes on the market.

You always strive to sell the best products on those themes.

With our most recent update to both our free and pro themes, we have included WooCommerce support (a feature previously only supported by Capture Pro). Find out what that means and what you get with the WooCommerce support.

What does WooCommerce support MEAN?

This is not a literal ticket support on issues with WooCommerce. It also does not mean that you get WooCommerce with the theme (WooCommerce is a free plugin and can be found here).

What this does do is give our themes the ability to work fluidly with WooCommerce, a plugin that will not play nice with themes out of the box.

When a theme is built, many plugins are not immediately compatible with it. They may have buttons or a display that is specifically designed by the plugin developer. Sometimes the development of the plugin can interfere with the layout of a website.

WooCommerce falls under this category of plugin, but the new updates to our themes ensure that this experience doesn’t happen again. Our themes are WooCommerce-ready if you will.

There are a lot of small changes and tweaks to our themes’ code that have been made to provide the ultimate WooCommerce experience on a fresh install of the plugin. Here is a list.


The right layout for WooCommerce

Previously, WooCommerce sidebars did not play well with themes. We adjusted the area for shop pages so that the proper sidebar on your website displays and in the right place.

You want your shop page to look as polished as possible, and this certainly helps.

Display 12 Products per page

On our themes, the proper display is 12 products per page, as it is an even and easy to sort number of items for a page. This actually goes against defaults set by WooCommerce, so we modified code to allow you to view the optimal amount of product.

Typically, WooCommerce will show 10 products per page, but on most displays this can be a strange number. 12 products is the proper amount and our new shop pages reflect that.


Button color changes

On some of our themes, like Capture, we have also adjusted the styling to more closely resemble the look of the theme. As you can see from the buttons on the before and after pictures, sometimes the buttons can be a bit jarring.

In the screenshot, you will notice that the text display and pricing button have been styled to match the look of our theme out of the box.

There was no user input or navigating of settings to be found.

CSS adjustments for WooCommerce

We have made some smaller tweaks to the CSS styling of our themes to better contain and display WooCommerce as well. These are general fixes that allow the device to look

WooCommerce thumbnail images are not blurry

Another common complaint that both we have and many customers have is how blurry thumbnails can look on WooCommerce. We have adjusted our tech so that the blurry images are corrected on your website.

Make your products look as appealing as you know they are!


Install and set up WooCommerce

If you need help setting up WooCommerce, you can follow this resource we released to sell photography on WooCommerce using our Capture theme. This process can be used for selling most products out there.

If you need more help selling with WooCommerce, leave a comment below or reach out to us.

Don’t leave yet!

We also updated video playback on our themes

Have you ever noticed that your embedded YouTube, Vimeo or other service’s videos look funky on mobile devices?

We did too.

Thankfully, developer Chris Coyier created a wonderful Javascript tool called Fitvids.js, which smartly resizes videos to display properly on tablets, smartphones, and “phablets.”

Long story short, our pro themes now come with this support built right into the code.

No extra work on your end.

Videos that look great all of the time. If you are serious about showing video content (and you should be, as it is the most engaging form of interaction) then having fitvids.js support alleviates these headaches.

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