WordPress 3.8 release in 6,287 words

Yesterday marked the release of WordPress 3.8 as told by at least 9 blogs in my Feedly account.

If you’re looking to play catch up with the news, I’ve gathered them here for you. Grab your favorite cup of java and load up on the release of WordPress 3.8 as told in 6,287 words.


WordPress 3.8 “Parker”

Straight from the horses mouth — WordPress.org. Here’s the official take on the release.

WordPress 3.8 compatibility in WooCommerce

Woo’s reminding us about compatibility with their plugin WooCommerce.

Meet WordPress 3.8, Parker

Brian Krogsgard tells his tale of our new favorite update.

WordPress 3.8 “Parker” released

Pull up a stool and grab an ice cold frosty update from the Tavern.

WordPress 3.8 — What’s new and why it matters

Torque spins us a great reminder about Parker’s new features.

WordPress 3.8 Released with a New Theme, New Dashboard Design and More!

Another post manages to to get their 3.8 review published.

WordPress 3.8 is live

Page.ly getting their customers updated.

WordPress 3.8 “Parker” Is Available – Here’s What You Need To Know

Start your engines! Austin Gunter revs us up about the arrival of Parker.

WordPress 3.8 “Parker” Out Now

Last but not least, here’s why 3.8 matters to WPMU.

That’s a wrap!

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