How to Add a License Key to your Pro Theme

For all of our pro themes, we have added license keys to make the process of upgrading and getting support easier for both our customers and our team. THis resource will explain how you can view, retrieve, and use your license key(s) on Slocum Themes.

Getting the license key

When you first purchase your theme, upon confirmation of purchase, you will be presented with an invoice, detailing the purchase. This invoice will include the License Key (or keys, if you bought more than one theme) associated with your purchase.


If you have left the page with all of this invoice information, there are two other ways to retrieve the license key information.

Upon purchase, you are also sent an email (which might be in your spam folder) which provides you with the download for the theme as well as the license key in text format.


Viewing your License Key in your Account

If you created an account with us, you will also be able to view your account details, resend the invoice and manage your license key from within our website. Login by navigating to From here, you will enter the username and password you had created when purchasing the theme.

Once inside, you will be able to view your license keys as well as manage/deactivate the domains in which those keys are present.

Using the License Key

Using the license key is very easy to do. Once you have copied the license key number and your new pro theme is installed, you will want to head to our theme options panel (we recommend checking this panel out for all of our awesome features!). From this panel, you will go to the License tab and then paste the key into the field. Make sure you save the options.


Assuming everything went smoothly with the entry of the license key, the key will display a green checkmark once saved.

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