Free WordPress Magazine Theme Socialize Lite

Free WordPress Magazine Theme Socialize Lite

Slocum Themes is home to many clean and elegant themes, but we are especially proud of the Socialize Theme.

We are pleased to announce that Socialize is now also available as a free theme in the WordPress repository underneath the moniker Socialize Lite.

Read to get an idea of what makes this the best free WordPress magazine theme on the market.

About the Socialize Lite Free WordPress Magazine Theme

Free WordPress Magazine Theme

Socialize Lite is a fantastic free WordPress magazine theme or WordPress blog theme that is very clean, like our other themes. It has a block design and features support right in the back end to include social media links which will display in block format on the website.

The block format of the theme allows for easy posting of articles and other content and also square sidebars to bring attention to a call-to action or social media buttons to help promote your brand, publication, or magazine.

Upgrade to the Socialize Pro Magazine Theme

We also have the pro version of Socialize, which is affordable and comes with all of the support you would expect from the team at Slocum Studio. Seriously, ask somebody who uses our premium themes!

In the paid version of all of our themes — Socialize included — you are given access to many more color and font options than in the free version. You are also given access to other features, like the ability to remove archive titles, copyright branding, and more.

Socialize WordPress Magazine Theme Options

For a full list of what you can tweak with our pro themes, do not hesitate to contact us.

Sub-menu View on Responsive Website

Additionally, the premium version of Socialize contains responsive menus with responsive sub-menus. Essentially, if your navigation bar has more than one tier of drop down to the submenu, from navigation, both menus and sub-menus will display on the navigation, right on a mobile phone or tablet!

This sub-menu view on a responsive website will display so that a user can access it from a phone. In this example, the “Hypeway to the Dangerzone” sub-menu is displaying beneath its parent menu item, “Geek”.

Sub-Menu Drop-Down display on responsive wordpress
Example of Responsive Sub-Menu

The Vision of a WordPress Theme (A Style Guide)

If you want to see the amount of thought and design that goes into our WordPress themes, below is detailed style guide that goes over the elements considered when making a WordPress theme.

With a WordPress blog or magazine theme, the MOST IMPORTANT element is going to be the post. Getting people excited to read the blog or article is necessary when measuring the success of a WordPress magazine theme.

This includes:

  • Post Date
  • Post Author
  • Post Title
  • Post Thumbnail
  • Post Description
  • Call To Action

Post Area in WordPress Design

A lot of thought also went into the stylistic aspect of the theme as well. While there a more fonts and colors available on the pro version of the theme, there are still options on the free version, and these options are designed to look great.

The base font used in our theme is Source Sans Pro, though there are more available.

Our color design is created to emphasize the power of simple saturation and desaturation of color to achieve an effect or hierarchy and lead viewers through a page properly. The colors range from cool to loud to achieve the desired effect of the magazine.

Theme Color Layout

WordPress Theme Colors

Theme Typography structure

WordPress Theme Typography

The layout of the page and the placement and size of images is equally important, since it will also help to inform where a user’s eyes go. From the layout of the page, the percentage width, and size of featured images, everything is taken under consideration when developing the best WordPress magazine theme.

Grid Layout of the theme

wordpress theme grid layout

Best WordPress Featured Image Size

best featured image size for WordPress

Buttons and call-to-actions are also important when looking to include advertising on a WordPress website.

The design of the buttons was intentionally square to bring attention to advertising and social media share buttons. Take a look at all of the buttons on the page and how they help with the flow of content and advertising

Call-to-action buttons on Socialize

Call to action buttons on WordPress

The Best WordPress Magazine Theme

A lot of thought went into the design of our Socialize theme. Designers went out of their way to make sure that this was the ultimate premium theme.

This is how a theme should go from inception…

Socialize WordPress Theme

to completion…

Socialize WordPress Theme Full View

Get the Socialize WordPress Theme Today

Want to see firsthand how effective and powerful this theme is?

Give the theme a test run here. You can also view the free version of the theme in the WordPress repository.

We hope that you enjoy our content. If you decide to make a purchase after clicking on one of our affiliate links, we’ll earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for reading! View our Affiliate Disclosure

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