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Meet Capture, the Best WordPress Photography Theme… EVER

The team at Slocum Themes is very excited to announce our newest theme, Capture.

Continue reading to find out what makes Capture the best WordPress photography theme on the market as well as great overall theme for your website. Also included is a video detailing what makes this new theme so great.

What we have provided with Capture is the absolute best and easiest way to create a photography website.

Full-Screen Photo Viewer Support

With the Capture theme, it is possible to view photos in a full-screen mode, where there is nothing impeding the view of the image that you want people to see.

People can move from image to image in this view. When they get to the image they love and click or tap to close the image, the blog post displaying that photo will be there to read.

Place a great featured image on a page that catches the eye, and guide people to YOUR trusted and important content.

Retina/Hi-DPI images are welcome

When displaying beautiful photographs to people who adore them, you want to make sure that your website supports Hi-DPI or retina display devices. Otherwise, what is the purpose of displaying them?!

If you are showing your work to someone interested in photography, chances are good they are viewing your website on a beautiful monitor.

Our Capture photography theme was made to support screens with lots of pixels.

Capture Responsive Photography Theme
“Capture” at all angles

Responsive Design and Featured Videos

That viewing surface may also be more than a simple laptop screen or desktop too!

That is why our Capture theme is totally responsive so the experience is automatically optimized to whichever device is being used.

iOS devices. Android devices. No problem.

Also responsive are our featured videos. You can actually make a high-definition video a featured “image” on a WordPress post with Capture, which means images and videos can share the spotlight.

As mentioned previously, these featured videos are also responsive as well. They will resize to fit the appropriate device.

Easy to use WordPress Theme Options

As is the case with all of our premium WordPress themes, Capture has a Theme Options section in the dashboard to make key visual components simple to change.

We have one-click color and font swaps in the theme options panel as well as integrated forms to type in your social media links. These links will automatically display throughout your website after entering and saving the URLs for your social media channels.

You can also change the size of the featured image in these settings as well, if the initial size is too daunting. But remember, you want those photos to make a splash, and that is precisely what Capture does.

WordPress theme support
Help and Support from an Agency

WordPress Support and Help Desk Tickets

We are a WordPress design AGENCY. This means that with the purchase of Capture you also get dedicated support in the event something is not working with the theme.

Right within the “Theme Options” section is a tab for “Help/Support”, so you can get a ticket right over to the agency.

Try our photography theme!

But all of these words and millions of press releases could only do so much to sell a product. The true test is to get your hands on the product.

So please, give Capture a try right on our website. We are sure you will love the way the theme works. It is a truly masterclass photography theme.

Are photos not your thing? What other sorts of themes would you like to see? Leave some suggestions in the comment field below!

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