Modern Business Support

WooCommerce Support

Transform your WordPress website into a sleek, impressive eCommerce store. Modern Business supports built-in integration with WooCommerce; any changes you make to the font or color of the main elements of the website will be reflected in WooCommerce shop pages and items. This means that when you post new product, text and buttons to order your product fall in line with the rest of the site!

Note: For guidance on installing and setting up WooCommerce, click here.


Gravity Forms Support

The ultimate (and easiest) way to create a WordPress newsletter is using a combination of the Gravity Forms plugin, the Mailchimp email marketing software, and our Slocum Themes. Gravity Forms taps into the code of our Slocum Themes, making it easier than ever to create a nice looking subscribe box and newsletter.

Note: For more information on installing and configuring Gravity Forms and Mailchimp, click here.