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Our newest episode of PressThis goes over a couple of listener questions about Adaptive Payments, Chained Payments, and Selective Membership using WordPress plugins.

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Selective Membership Plugin for WordPress

Peter wrote in, asking for advice on the best WordPress membership plugin to use when you do not want people to pay money for membership on a website or when YOU want to control who is allowed membership.

Simply put, this is for exclusive membership purposes.

One honest to god solution is to simply uncheck “Allow Anyone to Subscribe” from WordPress settings. From here, you can create a contact form using a popular WordPress contact form plugin and manually create a user in WordPress.

Anyone can register WordPress

But what if you want to restrict certain content or capabilities from non-subscribed users? What if you don’t want to charge people money for a subscription?

Paid Memberships Pro

Paid Memberships Pro is a great plugin that will allow you to set a base level of Membership and charge people $0.00 to sign up for a membership.

This gives the value add that an interested user is getting something for FREE, allows someone to subscribe without doing it manually, AND allows you to create posts and pages that are only available to subscribed members.

Better yet, you can optimize this WordPress plugin with selective or exclusive membership on your website. Like mentioned before, you can allow people to contact you to determine if they are the right fit. Once determined that they are a fit, you can assign them the proper member role and then they will be able to see that restricted content.

Confused? Please let us know if you need additional assistance.

Adaptive Payments on WordPress?

Our second listener question came from Rolf.

Rolf asked us about a solution to take adaptive payments on the WordPress platform.

About Paypal Adaptive Payments

An adaptive payment or chained payment is one that splits payments among multiple recipients. Think about this as the standard practice with commission sales, crowd funding, and also with consignment shops. If you are taking a business with one of these payment models and making it digital, this is the way to go.

PayPal has an offering called “Adaptive Payments” which you can use and funnel that way.

One WordPress solution to chained payments that we found was the $49 WePay extension by IgnitionDeck which allows you to integrate advanced and adaptive payments into your website. Unfortunately there wasn’t much else. We didn’t even see an option in WooCommerce!

Need more help setting up a website for commission or consignment? Let us know if you would like us to partner to help with plugins or do something more custom.

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