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How to create a business blog

For a business, being a presence online can be a difficult wall to climb. I mean, when was the last time you were looking for a business and COULDN’T find it online?

Getting exposure or selling your product or service online is no longer a battle of “who is online and who isn’t.” Everybody is online. To truly get the edge on the competition, you need to create compelling reasons to get people to land on YOUR website.

One of the best ways to do this is to create a business blog. So why is it good for a business to be blogging and how do you set one up?

Why you should have a business blog

SEO gurus and internet marketing experts will tell you that your website needs to “optimize keywords” and that you can pay money to Google to get your website extra exposure.

This is all fine and good, but where is the action?

business blogging online

A blog allows you to create constant content that features keywords and also provides more pages, posts, and opportunities for exposure of your business.

Blogging also gives people the information they need in your field and makes YOU look like the authority.

Let’s get started.

Create a marketing plan

Blogging is good, but you cannot start blogging without a plan of action first. Creating content that lands is one thing. Creating content for the sake of creating content is another. If your blog posts aren’t converting like you would hope, it is probably time to think about what topics will get people to take action.

Like any other marketing effort, you need a marketing plan to inform why you are blogging. Start selecting your target market and goals before you blog.

For example, if I am a pizza company, I do not want to randomly blog about pizza and pizza news. BUT… let’s say that the largest part of the business is quick pizza delivery. I might write articles that tie into pizza delivery and getting it quick and getting it in the area in which I do business.

Schedule blog posts

Once you have figured out the purpose of your blog and are ready to go to the next step, it is time to decide the exact topics of your business blog.

business blog tips

The first thing to provide yourself (after profiling the needs of the business) is a schedule of blog posts. You want to make sure that there is a healthy amount of ideas going forward and you don’t want to be overwhelmed with the question: “What do I write about THIS WEEK?”

Scheduling a group of blog posts helps to create a buffer of ideas that can be used in times of need. Even if this pool of content is a simple title or idea, it gets the blood flowing when it comes to writing a piece of content in your business blog. 

Go to Google Adwords for Keywords

So you know who you are targeting and you know what the topic of these posts are going to be. So what keywords should you be using? How do YOU know what people are looking for when they go to Google and type in a search query?

To find out, you can use the powerful Google Adwords tool to maximize your keywords. This can be a tricky tool to use if a novice, but it is very powerful when used the right way. This is also the means for starting a paid ad campaign to pay to get your posts at the top of a page, but this is not the ultimate goal with good business blogging websites.

create a business blog

Get Started Blogging

If you are wondering what tools to use as you get started blogging, the easiest one is right in front of you. The tool we use as well as a large portion of the Internet is WordPress.

For a business blog, is the place to be. It is simpler than most other types of websites and offers a lot of customization in what features your website has. It also has a very easy and intuitive interface for blogging and writing that resembles softwares like Microsoft Word and Apple Pages. In fact, that is how WordPress got its start — as a blog. is a great resource if you are on the lookout for some affiliate programs to earn from as you write content on your website.

Get Modern Estate Pro

If you have not setup your website or want the perfect blog theme to use for your website, we recommend the Modern Estate Pro theme, which is built with big call-to-actions and a nice looking business blog in mind.

Modern Business Blog Theme for WordPress
The Modern Business Pro Theme in action.

You can take a demo of this theme here and you can also contact us if you need additional help setting up the theme and turning it into the modern business blogging website you want.

I hope that at the end of this article you agree that having a good business blog is key to staying afloat and that you now have the tools necessary to build the blog that your business deserves.

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