November 2013

Responsive MailChimp Signup Gravity Form

The Slocum team is happy to announce a new feature across our latest set of premium WordPress themes. One of our favorite contact form plugins is Gravity Forms and leveraging it’s easy to use MailChimp add-on. Since MailChimp is our favorite e-mail newsletter publishing platform we decided to bake in support for both in our themes. It’s important that your call to actions are clear, concise, and not lost in the mix of things. Keep reading to see how we style responsive MailChimp Signup Gravity forms!

3 Uptime Monitor services for WordPress

Houston we have lift off! Jetpack 2.6 was released and it’s packed with a ton of new enhancements. If you want the full scoop, read the changelog. There’s a new feature in there that I’m particularly interested to see roll out and that’s the monitor feature. As of the launch, Monitor does what it promises, monitors your site’s u time every 5 minutes. But how does it stack up to other services?

Enabling Yoast Breadcrumbs

One of the very first plugins we enable when installing a new WordPress website is Yoast SEO. Because of that, we are baking in support for Yoast Breadcrumbs right into our themes. Why is that important? Well first off, not every theme is ready for the world’s most popular WordPress SEO plugin. We’re proud to say our premium themes are.

It’s time to party, launches

Just over a year ago my team and I set out to offer our WordPress themes for sale through our parent site Slocum Studio. Today, I’m happy to announce we’re separating the two properties to better serve our client base. As we looked to build more WordPress products while offering the best premium service of an agency, it only made sense to let the two live on their own respective platforms. What does this mean for you? First and foremost it’s a sign that we’re committed to serving both markets with the attention they both deserve. As we launch more …

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