Create a contact form with Ninja Forms

A contact page is one of the very first things you add on your new WordPress blog or business site.

There’s a bunch of contact form plugins out there, but one that we really love is Ninja Forms. The way we see it, each plugin can create a contact form, but they all have their respective strong points.

In today’s example, it’s as easy as installing the Ninja Forms plugin to get your contact page setup!

Installing Ninja Forms

You can grab Ninja Forms from the WordPress repository or from their site The WP Ninjas.

ninja forms step 1

Step 1, search for the plugin via Plugins > Add new

ninja forms step 2

Step 2, click install now or feel free to view the Details and then click it.

ninja forms step 3Step 3, (we’re almost finished) go ahead and hit Activate Plugin. 

ninja forms step 4

Step 4, head over to Forms > Forms and see that Ninja Forms comes pre packaged with a default contact form. How easy is that?

ninja forms contact form fieldsTake a moment to review the default form fields and add or remove any that you see fit to. My guess is this, this will work for 90% of the websites you deploy. You also might want to edit the submit button text to read something else.

ninja forms step 5

Step 5, you can now brows to your Contact page, and append the form to that specific page. Alternatively, you can use the shortcode that we saw in step 4 above.

Simple contact forms!

I don’t know about you but I love anything that makes my job simple.

If you’re installing a lot of WordPress sites every day, this 5 step process is a breeze to run through. Once you’re used to this, it’s just Install the plugin > add it to the page — amazing stuff!

If you want to learn more about Ninja Forms, you can watch the video below or read our full review here.

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