Display Motivational Quotes and Testimonials

Display Motivational Quotes and Testimonials in WordPress

We have finally found a great WordPress plugin to display motivational quotes, testimonials, or taglines.

Only problem is, the plugin is ancient (read: has not been updated since 2009). Good thing it still works with our themes!

The name of the plugin is Advanced Tagline. It is a free plugin that can be found in the WordPress repository here.

Find out how to use it below!

What is the WordPress tagline?

The WordPress tagline, also known as slogan, is the little piece of text typically displayed beneath the name of the website on WordPress. This tagline essentially tells the viewer what the purpose of the website is before any navigation takes place.

With a good tagline, the user is told everything that they need to know about the website they are currently visiting.

The reason I have started this conversation by discussing the tagline is because this is the piece of WordPress that is used with the “Advanced Tagline” plugin.

Installing the plugin

Installing “Advanced Tagline” is handled like any other plugin. You can either drop it in your FTP or install it directly in your WordPress dashboard by going to Plugins > Add New.

Once installed, the plugin itself can be found under Settings > Advanced Tagline.

Three Options for Displaying the Tagline

There are three distinct ways to display the tagline on your website.

  • Standard: The standard view simply displays the tagline as it is normally displayed. This is typically right below the website’s title.
  • Advanced: The advanced setting is for experienced developers and coders. The plugin provides the user with a PHP function to display the tagline literally anywhere on a page within WordPress. As time goes on and the plugin continues to not be updated, this is the one feature that may disappear.
  • Widget: The widget option is just that. With the installation of the plugin, you are given access to a new widget that simply displays the taglines that you put in.

You can also choose to display the taglines sequentially or randomly (in the order you add them or randomly).

Advanced Taglines Settings

Adding a New Tagline

To add a new tagline, you simply click the blue button that says, “Add New Tagline” and type in your tagline.

You can also link the specific tagline somewhere else. On the front-end, this is displayed as the text you entered, simply underlined.

Of course, crafty coders like ourselves can have all sorts of fun with the way the tagline is output.

Using the Tagline as a Testimonial

Using the Advanced Tagline plugin, you can also think about using it for testimonials.

With the widget plugin, you could potentially have testimonials displaying on the sidebar by using the widget that comes with the install of the plugin. Just input the testimonials as taglines and then set the widget title to be testimonials.

Put it in whatever taglines you would like and save them. They will display randomly or sequentially in whatever location you have placed your sidebar.

You can even import testimonials that you might have from a .CSV file (you can get these from Excel or equivalent) using the import function on the one page in the settings for Advanced Tagline.

Display motivational quotes or testimonials

Using the WordPress Tagline for Motivational Quotes

This plugin is perfect for displaying random motivational quotes.

Set the plugin to randomly display taglines and begin inputting taglines with quotation marks around them. These can manifest themselves in quotable quotes or even religious passages and scripture.

Once you have saved a bunch of taglines (which can of course be added to at any time) you can place them in a widget like the testimonials could be or even at the top of the page by going with the standard display.

WordPress Video Walkthrough

Alternatively, you can watch a video walkthrough from our popular WordPress web show PressThis which goes over how to use this plugin:

Not meeting your needs? You can always contact us below in the comment section. You can also provide us with other tips or tools that you have found effective.

Thank you for reading. This plugin works wonderfully with our clean, premium themes.

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