Baton Pro

Baton and Conductor

With Baton, Conductor, and the Conductor Slider add-on activated Conductor will get three new display layouts Testimonials, Hero, and News. Testimonials Layout Example Hero Slider Layout Example News Slider Layout Example Creating a Conductor Widget Using the Conductor Slider Add-on 1. From the WordPress Dashboard navigate to Appearance > Customize. 2. Create a Conductor widget. […]

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Baton and Note

With Baton and Note activated Note will get two new display layouts called Baton Hero and Baton Features. Baton Hero Baton Hero adds some new functionality as well as new layouts to Note. You can also format links to be buttons, and set a background image to your Note Widget. There are two types of

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Colors and Fonts

Color Scheme The color scheme is a very important aspect of a site’s design. Baton Pro comes with 4 high quality color schemes, so you’re bound to find one that matches your style! 1. From the WordPress dashboard, navigate to Appearance > Theme Options 2. Under the General tab, locate the Color Scheme section 3.

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Custom Scripts and Styles

With Baton you can add your own custom styles and scripts through the Theme Options and the WordPress Customizer. Adding Custom Scripts and Styles Through the Theme Options 1. From your WordPress Dashboard navigate to Appearance > Theme Options 2. Click on the tab labeled Custom Scripts/Styles 3. From here you can add your custom

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Social Media Widget

As more and more people begin using social media, you may want to provide a simple way for them to connect with you. The Social Media Widget allows viewers to connect with you through your various social media outlets by providing visually appealing links to them. 1. From the WordPress dashboard, navigate to Appearance >

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