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A Simple WordPress Journal Theme – Journal Pro

We are proud to announce the arrival of our newest theme, Journal Pro, which is a WordPress journal theme designed to give the user simple yet customizable options to make it your own digital book of entries.

Read on to find out about the various new features and customizable theme options that you have as a user.

Elegant by Default

The Journal theme is elegant and is designed to bring attention to text content. The titled area and the way the blocks are placed creates a clear divide among pieces of content and also allows for large background pictures to take center stage if necessary.

Like a Tumblr blog but far more deep and detailed, the space for background images allows for a simple interface but plenty of personality, no matter which site is using our theme.

Theme Customizer

Changing colors of text and content areas is as simple as visiting the Appearance > Customize section of WordPress with Journal Pro. Simply navigate to the “Colors” tab on the left and adjust colors to match the exact look of your website.

Change font color WordPress

Again, you can adjust colors of text and also the major navigation sections of the theme. It is very powerful and featured immediately with purchase of Journal Pro for WordPress.

Beautiful WordPress Galleries

Our theme works with the Envira Gallery plugins to create a beautiful image gallery that looks impressive and has some style.

Rather than just using rote blocks (like WordPress core galleries), the gallery plugin allows the user to display photos in a lively fashion. Photos can move around and are display in a way that gathers them creatively and uniquely.

Image Gallery Envira

With the gallery plugin, it is easy to show a bunch of photos as a photographer and bring simple attention as a photojournalist.

Content Layouts

You may have noticed that all of the images on this page place the sidebar on the left of the page with content on the right.

Fear not!

With the content layouts in our Theme Options panel, a user can shift the website, so that the sidebar is on the right versus the left and content shifts over accordingly.

And this options is just one button click away from working.

Easy Fixed Sidebar using WordPress

Our theme options panel in Journal Pro allows the user to make the sidebar fixed or not fixed, depending on the needs of the website.

If you have a smaller sidebar with a few items, it is easy to keep them on the page at all times. This way, you always have access to the contact information you want as content scrolls on the right (or left!!).

Fixed Sidebar in WordPress

If your website has a long sidebar with lots of content, it might be better to simply leave the Fixed Sidebar on “NO” so that a viewer does not lose visibility to certain elements of the sidebar.

Explore the rest of our fun theme options panel too, we have tons of fun surprises in store!

Works with image and slider widgets

Along with the aforementioned Envira Image Gallery and also with the popular Soliloquy slider plugin, Journal Pro is made to display pretty images. A slider placed into the text will smartly respond to mobile devices.

Images simply look great on Journal Pro, from sliders, to galleries, to giant background images.

Get Journal Pro for WordPress
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Header call to action widgets

There is also support for a cool call to action in the header if you do want to get someone to check out a specific page or subscribe to your feed or subscribe to an email list!

This displays right underneath the title on the website for maximum exposure!

Responsive theme design

We have even customized the theme to be optimized for smart phones and tablets. The look of the menu navigation will change at this point to provide a better touch screen application. It also keeps the attention on the content so that people are ultimately still reading content versus swimming through options and filler.

responsive theme for WordPress

Design Inspiration of Journal Pro

The inspiration for the design of this theme came from the idea of simple elegance. Everything from the font type to the default colors to the way content is laid out had one word in mind. Simple.

The idea is to put the focus on the content of the site, not the business of menus or the attention of advertising. While you can add plenty of ads to the sidebar and customize it through code, the theme is really made to bring to light a few pertinent items.

If I am an author, here is my bio and here is my work. See? Simple.

We are not sacrificing quality here, we are simply making it easy to find the important stuff that matters in a journal. Your thoughts.

Want to try our theme?

Click here to view the page for Journal Pro and take a demo of the website, before you buy it.

Have any questions about functionality? Leave a comment below or contact us on the site to inquire about the newest theme in our line of clean, beautiful themes.

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