How to center a logo in your WordPress theme

Sometimes what seems to be a trivial task can end up being a huge undertaking. Even with the countless customization options available for your WordPress website, small edits can mean a lot of work. One for instance, which pops up a lot in our support requests, is centering a logo. A majority of our themes are styled with the traditional left alignment found in many of today’s traditional website layouts. In the instance one of our customer’s wants to center a logo and depending on the theme they’ve purchased from us, we have to direct them to edit their style.css file. This can …

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Remove the Page Title WordPress

Remove the Title from a WordPress Page

This article has been updated in March of 2019. WordPress is a great platform, initially designed for blogs; now the popular Content Management System is widely used for business sites. But not all of it’s “features” translate well into business websites. Page and post titles are one. But there are some steps you can follow when trying to remove the title from a WordPress page. In a WordPress website every page and post have a title, and in many cases, having a big old title at the top of your page might look awkward. There might be other cases (business …

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Align the header WordPress

Choose the right WordPress header layout for your website

Consider this the beginning of our series on building, selling, and managing WordPress websites for clients. We start our series on creating easy WordPress sites for clients from the top. The header is perhaps the most important piece of the website. After a large call-to-action or image on the front page, it is going to be the first thing a person sees when visiting their site. The following resource discusses different header options and how to determine which is right for you or your client.

How to create a woocommerce website quickly

How to create a WooCommerce website quickly and affordably

WooCommerce is the most popular free solution for eCommerce on WordPress. WooCommerce was acquired by WordPress creators Automattic, so we can expect that much will be done to make WooCommerce the official solution for WordPress eCommerce. Thankfully, WooCommerce is also one of the most widely supported WordPress eCommerce plugins. It is the one we have recommended from the beginning and the one we support the most. Our pro themes are even developed with WooCommerce support in mind. Read the resource to find out how easy it was for a business to take a WordPress theme and WooCommerce and build an …

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Is My Site Mobile-Friendly after the

Is my WordPress website mobile-friendly? (after Google update)

As a member of a web agency, it is rare that I receive panic FROM a client. Normally, we are the ones identifying risks and resolving them. This all changed after Google made an announcement; as of April 21, 2015, the appearance of your website on a search results page would be far more dramatically affected by its mobile presence. In short, if your website is built with mobile use in mind or is “mobile-friendly”, you are in the clear. If not, your site may not display in search results where it once did. Needless to say, our inboxes erupted with client …

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Create promotions using WooCommerce

Create Promotions on WordPress, using WooCommerce

If there is one thing that digital technology and statistics have told us, it is that people love a good sale. This is why we have created this post to help you Create Promotions on WordPress, using WooCommerce. You can be sure that WooCommerce like other software updates constantly so we have included some links for reference. 1) There is satisfaction in finding a sale and internal justification that it was right to buy. “I didn’t need a new television, but it was 50% off and better than my previous television” 2) There is the immediacy of purchase. A panic. …

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Checkout Page WordPress website

Create the best checkout page on your WordPress website

People love to window shop. Think about the last time you walked into a technology store or car dealership. You probably picked up the latest iPhone, watched an action movie on a 90″ projection display, or ripped down the highway in a $75,000 coupe. If you have been checking your “Goal Conversion” statistics on Google Analytics, you might notice that your online customers are doing the same thing. People just like to put things in their shopping cart and then leave. Imagine now that as you were barreling down the interstate in that car, the world’s greatest salesperson was whispering …

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How to test performance of a WordPress website

It is January of 2022, and gyms everywhere are filled with people and their New Year’s resolutions. There is no more inspiring time to get in shape! But your body is not the only thing that might need to lose a few pounds. Your website(s) can use some trimming as well. This is always the case as there are always ways to optimize code, reduce requests, and get your site loading faster on mobile devices and desktops alike. Learn how to test performance of a WordPress website using GTMetrix, Screaming Frog, and WordPress plugins and learn how to interpret some of the …

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11 WordPress real estate website ideas to rank on Google

You can’t compete with Zillow. Forget about tackling Trulia. It is frustrating to perform a Google search only to find that the first three pages of real estate searches have nothing but links to these juggernauts. So how do you make a real estate website optimized for the front page of Google? You have to bypass the sterile and generalized content of these major players and do more creative things with your WordPress website. Here are some real estate website ideas to optimize your website for SEO and make your website better than the local competition.

WordPress ecommerce seo tips

17 WordPress eCommerce SEO tips for selling more products

Get your front-of-house product on the front page of Google An eCommerce website not optimized for Google is like having a store without a sign, window, or door. The products are there, but there is no way for a prospect to find your content.  Read on to learn eCommerce SEO tips for selling more products. The web is the place to sell your product. The web is the first place someone may look for a physical or digital product. This may be to find a local product offering or to purchase a product at a better price. All of your …

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