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Add Emoji WordPress website

Add Holiday Emoji to your WordPress Blog!

With so many major holidays coming at the end of the year, you may want to get festive with your posts! Maybe you just want to end all of your blog posts with a quick smiley face. Maybe you are trying to be trendy and use emoji to gain the attention of a youthful audience. […]

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WordPress costume designer website template

Case Study: Genevieve Tyrrell (Costume Designer)

How a Hollywood costume designer and stylist used Capture Pro to make a great, branded website. Genevieve Tyrrell is an accomplished Hollywood costume designer and stylist who wanted a powerful website. She downloaded the Capture theme and then upgraded to the pro version for the support and extra features. This Case Study is going to […]

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How to find niche WordPress themes

You are running your hands through your hair. Unfortunately, the purpose is not to caress your head or to style it. Rather, you are looking for a tuft to tug. You have been in the theme repository looking for the next free theme to use on a client project. It can be a nightmare. With […]

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How to Optimize Images WordPress

How to Optimize Images on WordPress

Ever used an SEO tool to track and see how you can improve your website? A commonly requested fix on many of these engines is to “optimize images” for the web. The team at Slocum Themes uses a few different tools to optimizes images on WordPress. Read below to find out what technology to use […]

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