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Speed up WordPress eCommerce website WooCommerce

Speed up your WordPress eCommerce website

Have you ever been waiting to purchase a product at a physical storefront, but the line was so long that you just left? Maybe you had somewhere important to be and the purchase was impulsive. This mentality is not exclusive to physical retailers. Getting people to buy product is only as good as the process involved […]

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WordPress performance profiler review

New WordPress Plugins – WP Performance Profiler

We have been spending this month going over various ways to optimize your WordPress website and tools to use to do so. One of the most asked questions we get is how to actually track the performance of your plugins and other processes on your website. Luckily, we managed to spot a plugin called WP […]

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MaxCDN on WordPress W3 total cache

How to set up MaxCDN on a WordPress website

You want your WordPress website to go fast, and you have heard that the Content Delivery Network (CDN) is the way to go. After all, they take your website, distribute it across many servers, and allow your content to be delivered in shorter time and with fewer technical hiccups. If you are serious about speeding […]

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Empty Browser Cache (W3 Total Cache)

Use W3 Total Cache to enable WordPress browser caching

Heard of the 80/20 rule? This rule states that you get 80% of your business from 20% of your customer base. They are your stalwart companions // your diehard fans // your most precious resource. The problem is, when these folks visit your WordPress website, it takes a while to load your page. With browser caching […]

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How to test performance of a WordPress website

It is January of 2015, and gyms everywhere are filled with people and their New Year’s resolutions. There is no more inspiring time to get in shape! But your body is not the only thing that might need to lose a few pounds. Your website(s) can use some trimming as well. This is always the case as there […]

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optimize your wordpress website

How to optimize your WordPress site

Time to hit you with a crazy number. 0.1 That is the limit on the number of seconds it takes for a user of a website to think a site is loading and working properly. Any more than this and your user might bounce from your page. Beyond this numeric value, there are also plenty of […]

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WordPress page layouts

The Five Second Elevator Pitch – Choose the Right Website Layout.

Your website is the five second elevator pitch. From the time someone clicks “Go”, you have, on average, five seconds to make a lasting impression. Knowing this, you will understand that it is important to have everything properly organized. If you had five seconds to win that promotion or pitch that idea with an exec, […]

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WordPress Landing Page Design

Best WordPress Landing Page Design: Tips and Tools

A landing page can be a lot of different things. A landing page can be the introduction to your product. It can be the space where a user makes like Fry from Futurama and proudly proclaims, “take all of my money.” It can simply be a vehicle to gather leads via email. As a WordPress user, […]

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