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Remove or hide category archive titles wordpress

How to Remove Category Archive Titles from a WordPress Website

A common practice in WordPress is to link a navigation or menu to a WordPress category archive. The problem is that, by default, when you display a category archive, the category archive title is displayed and it looks like: Category Archive: “Name of Category” This is typically hideous and makes a website look less appealing. […]

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Remove Post Meta WordPress

Remove or Hide Post Meta from WordPress Posts

Ever notice that when you look at an article on WordPress — maybe even on your own website — it is very busy? Sometimes, people just want to read content and having a bunch of random information about the article (what type of coffee the person was drinking when they wrote it, what time it […]

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WordPress Remove Author Details

How to Remove Author Details in WordPress

WordPress was created and is used primarily for blogging. While your business might be using WordPress, you will notice certain elements that appear on a page and don’t need to be there. One of these pieces of information is author information. In many cases you may be looking to remove author details in WordPress — […]

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WordPress remove copyright section

Remove Copyright from the Footer of a WordPress Website

At Slocum Themes, we are proud of our work and like the feeling that we get when we look at a website and it reads, “Designed by Slocum Studio”. That is our signature and it is there to give us credit to those who are using our themes for FREE. Whether you use our themes […]

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Add Slider WordPress website

Add a Slider to the Home Page of a WordPress Website

If you look at modern websites, you may notice a trend in design and development. Many high-converting websites will have a layout that looks like: Header Image Slider Text content Featured content Using this common layout, the first thing a visitor sees on the front page of a website — other than a logo — […]

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Change page layout WordPress website

How to Change a Page Layout on WordPress

We get the question all the time. How do I change the layout of my WordPress theme? Well, now we have an easy answer. Introducing the new Content Layouts tab for our WordPress themes. Find out how to easily set the look and feel of your website using our powerful new feature. Also, learn about […]

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