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How to Create a WordPress Child Theme Using One-Click Child Themes

The team at Slocum Themes has made it easier than ever before to create a WordPress child theme using our themes.

Built right into the functionality of our clean and elegant themes in the theme options panel is a section to create a one-click child theme that is easy to manage.

Read on to discover how to make a WordPress child theme using our themes.

Finding the Child Theme option

We have made it very easy to find and create a child theme. With one of our themes downloaded, simply add this free plugin we developed to your WordPress install to enable the one-click child themes from within our themes.

To navigate to the one-click child themes on a Slocum Theme, you first need to make sure that a Slocum theme is your active theme. You will go to Appearance > Theme Options from there.

Where to find WordPress child themes

Once inside the Theme Options section, you will notice a tab called One-Click Child Theme. Click on that tab.

How to create a child theme

To create a child theme from the within the tab, name the child theme whatever you would like. If your business website is for Jimmy’s Pizza Sauce, you could for example name the child theme “Jimmy’s Pizza Sauce”.

Under the Advanced Settings, check the box that asks to create and activate the child theme immediately.

Create a WordPress child theme

Once you click on the button to create the child theme, you will notice by going to the Appearance > Themes page that the new current theme is the child theme and the parent theme is somewhere else on the themes page.

Another way to create a child theme in WordPress

You don’t have to use our themes to create child themes in WordPress, we just make it A LOT easier.

Here is yet another resource we have to guide you on the path to creating child themes with new PHP templates and other advanced content.

How to edit the child theme

Editing the child theme is equally as easy, it just requires some working knowledge of CSS or PHP.

The most obvious thing people will want to change are colors and font sizes.

Process to Create a Child Theme:

1. Go to the editor found under “Appearance > Editor”

2. Navigate to the parent theme option on the top right of the editor.

(In the case of our example the parent theme we want to select is Epic Pro)

WordPress CSS Editor

3. Highlight and copy the piece of CSS or PHP that you want to edit (as shown above)

4. Go to the top right drop down menu and select your child theme and hit the “Select” button.

5. Once the child theme editor opens up (it will look a LOT more barren), paste the code into open, empty space.

Change CSS in WordPress child theme

6. Make the change you want to make or add the style you want to add

7. Make sure to click “Update file” on the bottom of the editor to make the changes to the child theme.

That’s it! You have officially created and edited a child theme on WordPress.

Now you can update your themes while editing elements like style and color!


Make absolutely sure that you are not removing anything or editing any of the CSS or PHP in the sheets under the parent theme in the Editor.

Removing content from the parent theme will potentially move functionality from the theme that was in place before you removed it.

Colors, font sizes, or other items changed on the WordPress parent theme (In our example, Epic Pro) will be reverted back to normal when the theme is updated again, which can also cause problems.

If you think you have made an error, simply DO NOT CLICK the “Update File” button and go back or click to another page to revert the theme to the way it was.

One-Click WordPress Child Themes are supported by these parent themes:

Video Walkthrough

For additional support, here is a video walkthrough that goes through the process of how to create a child theme in WordPress using our one-click child theme option:

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