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Remove copyright from footer on a wordpress website

Remove Copyright from the Footer of a WordPress Website

At Slocum Themes, we are proud of our work and like the feeling that we get when we look at a website and it reads, “Designed by Slocum Studio”. That is our signature and it is there to give us credit to those who are using our themes for FREE. But, that being said, this […]

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Baton WordPress theme: Hero Widgets

With the release of our new feature-packed theme, Baton Pro, there are a few select features we’d like to talk about. Today we proudly introduce to you, Baton Hero. What is Baton Hero? Baton Hero is a display type of our free widget, Note. The main purpose of the Baton Hero layout is to showcase […]

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Add Social Media buttons WordPress website

How to Add Social Media Buttons to a WordPress Website

A DOT COM is one piece of a brand’s puzzle. Add social media buttons to that website, and you have personalized the experience for the customer. Most websites have links to their various social media channels in the header, footer, or sidebar so that it is always easy for users to check out their Facebook, […]

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Make a WordPress newsletter with Gravity Forms

How to add a WordPress Newsletter using Gravity Forms

Digital marketers will often speak to the power of a good email campaign. After all, PR is becoming a much greater focus on the modern market than traditional advertising. When was the last time you saw an effective banner ad?? Getting personal and reinforcing the power and benefits of the brand on a personal level […]

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Translation-Ready WordPress Themes

Guide to Translation-Ready WordPress Themes

You have probably seen the verbage on our themes site. “Our themes are Translation-Ready.” Unfortunately, while we are web code wizards with the baddest WordPress themes on the market, we are not multilingual. Our WordPress themes are in English. For every other language, you will need to generate a file to change the language for […]

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Hide tagline in WordPress

How to Hide the Tagline in WordPress

Another WordPress website? ANOTHER… WordPress WEBSITE?! You’ve just set up a new WordPress website and that familiar phrase is displaying at the top of the page. Many people want an easy way to set up WordPress so that they can hide the site tagline. This resource goes over what the site tagline is and also […]

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Adjust size of a featured image

How to Adjust the Size of a Featured Image on WordPress

This article has been updated in March of 2019 to include other options for adjusting the featured image size in WordPress. The featured image is arguably the most important piece of a blog post on a WordPress website. After all, this is the piece of content that will visually grab your visitor’s attention. The featured […]

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