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Web Design Trends 2015

Web Design Changes and Updates in 2015

2014 was a year of new design decisions. iOS7 and Windows 8 tablets helped popularize flat design and websites became far more visual. Publications began organizing articles and content in new and fun ways. Simultaneously, websites with large landing page designs became the staple for businesses selling digital goods and services. Seriously. Think about all […]

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Create Custom Landing Page WordPress

Building a Custom Front Page in WordPress

A study by SEO firm HubSpot shows that 55% of all visitors to a website spend less than fifteen seconds on said site before navigating somewhere else. Blame it on the instant gratification of modern society or the availability of so much information. It doesn’t matter what causes this, what matters is optimizing your website […]

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Set up a WordPress Theme

How to Setup a WordPress Theme

Unlike most new processes, step one is actually the most difficult piece of setting up a business website on WordPress. But you are here on step two. Take a deep breath. It is time to make your WordPress install look like the business website of your dreams.

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What's New WordPress 4.0

WordPress 4.0 is being released. Should you be afraid?

WordPress 4.0 is coming out more quickly than you might think. At the time of this posting, it might even be coming as soon as next week! Certainly something as major as 4.0 should be a big deal, right? Before you go running and screaming to you and your client’s websites, you should check out […]

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