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WordPress Gardening Website and Theme

Case Study: Avery Gardens (Modern Business Pro + Conductor)

How a gardening business owner used Modern Business Pro and the Conductor plugin to make a WordPress website with room to grow. Avery Gardens is a gardening business and landscape maintenance business based in the United Kingdom with a strong client base and great work ethic. The owner wanted a site that brought attention to the accolades and professional work of his company. He turned to the Modern Business Pro WordPress theme and the Conductor plugin to solve this problem. Take a tour as we show you how he used these tools to build his site.

Add Slider WordPress website

Add a slider to the home page of a WordPress website

Visual media is the key to conversion. It’s a fact. The more images and videos you have on a website, the more emotion and interest you will elicit out of your audience and the more conversion you will receive. Slider images are a great way to provide an initial wow factor as people view your website. Sliders offer big landing page images and they also offer the opportunity to sell more than one product or highlight more than one feature. It’s like having multiple images in one! All of this is great on paper, but how do you add a …

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Google Fonts on WordPress Website

How to Add Google Fonts to a WordPress website

What do Steve Jobs, movie posters, comics, and your favorite blog have in common? They all stress brilliant typography. Who wants to read anything if it is unbearable to do so? Font type and size are critical elements in determining the success of a major call-to-action or the likelihood of someone reading your 7,000 word review on Disney’s newest attraction. With resources like Google Fonts, it is easy to find the font to match your tone and style. But how do you implement it on your WordPress website? Well, my friend, you are going to want to continue reading for …

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Local SEO tips google pigeon

9 Local SEO tips for your WordPress website

With the introduction, updates, and public bashing of Google Pigeon, the new search algorithm that affects local SEO and small business SEO, I felt it might be a good idea to give a comprehensive list. You may have seen your business’s analytics or your clients businesses drop like a rock around September of 2014. What long-term steps can you take to circumvent changes in local SEO? What exactly changed once Google Pigeon came out?

Creating Blog Content on WordPress

Creating good content for your Business – Ultimate Guide for the Business Website

Now that you have a beautiful website built with a beautiful landing page ready to convert, it is time to get people on the site. If nobody is running to your website for advice or for the solution your selling, there is no reason to have the website in the first place. Find out how to structure content for your business so people will find you on a Google search.

Create Custom Landing Page WordPress

Building a Custom Front Page in WordPress

A study by SEO firm HubSpot shows that 55% of all visitors to a website spend less than fifteen seconds on said site before navigating somewhere else. Blame it on the instant gratification of modern society or the availability of so much information. It doesn’t matter what causes this, what matters is optimizing your website under the condition that you have fifteen seconds to pitch your brand to most visitors.